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Hangzhou High School (1  2  3) is located in the middle of the city of Hangzhou, well-known for its history, beautiful West Lake (Xihu) (1  2 3 4) and silk and tea production (1  2  3).  In fact, the school sits next to the site of the ancient silk market (1  2), which today houses 800 silk shops.  
Once the site of a civil service exam school, Hangzhou High School is now a prestigious public key school, with admission based on entrance exams.  Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 1999, Hangzhou has a long history of association with famed scholars, the most famous being Lu Xun, the 20th century literary giant who once taught at the school.  The campus encompasses a large area comprised of several buildings including a beautiful new library/computer/theater complex (1  2), a new gymnasium (1  2), cafeteria (1  2) and an astronomical observatory (left edge of photo).  There are also several gardens (1  2  3  4) and a couple of large  playing fields where students go during lunch breaks and after school.
The student population is around 2,000.  Those who come from outside the city board on school grounds.  Students are grouped into three grades equivalent to American grades 10-12 and follow either a math/science or humanities track. Classes with 50 students each (1  2) are 45 minutes in length beginning at around 7:30 in the morning with dismissal at 4:30 with a two hour lunch break.  Seniors and second semester juniors attend classes on Saturday mornings and seniors begin classes one hour earlier than the rest of the student body in order to prepare for rigorous exams at the end of their grade three or senior year.  Students stay with their class throughout their high school career, and their teachers move from class to class instead of having their own classrooms.   Physical exercise (1  2  3) is an important part of the school day.