AN-1: Sharing School Databases

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When first setting up Grades2Go™ Desktop, or when preparing for a new school year, the most time consuming part of the process is inputting school-specific data.  The Year Setup Wizard makes the task straightforward and creates the necessary school databases for a given year, with as much data as the User wishes to enter to get things up and running.


Once created by the first User on a given computer, the school databases are all housed in a single folder labeled with the current school year.  This folder is easily located and viewed by clicking on Main Menu > Data Folders > School Folders > Current Year School Databases.  Similar folders are created to house the databases for new school years as long as Grades2Go™ continues to be used.



Required School Databases


At a minimum, the school database folder contains the following databases, where a school's Code substitutes for ANY_SCHOOL and the current school year substitutes for 2009:







If Grades2Go™ Education Plan features are used, two additional databases appear in this folder (not part of User Setup or Year Setup):



In addition, a subfolder named EPDocs also appears if EP features are used; it houses individual Education Plan documents are housed.  The contents of that subfolder are easily accessible via Main Menu > Data Folders > School Folders > Current Year Ed Plan Documents.



Multiple Grades2Go™ Users on one computer


The above school databases are automatically shared by all Grades2Go™ Users on a given computer.  Once created for a given year by one User, they no longer have to be created by others (though some data, eg more Courses and Students, will have to be added if not completed by the first User).



Multiple Grades2Go™ Users on more than one computer


If Grades2Go™ is installed on more than one computer (eg at home, by a number of teachers at the same school), the above databases can be shared with others once created by one of the Users (or by someone else, like the IT department for example).  Sharing is accomplished by copying the newly created School databases and placing them into the corresponding  folder of another User (replacing existing files if any).  The easiest way to do this is by locating the completed files via Main Menu > Data Folders > School Folders > Current Year School Database and then emailing them as attachments to other Users, who can then paste them into their own school database folder.  Database files received from another User (or accessible via the network) can also be imported (Databases Import, Copy or Create) during the Year Setup Wizard.


The ideal way to distribute School database files is to host them on the school's server, and to set up Grades2Go™ to automatically download them to a User's computer.  See Hosting School Databases on a Server for details.



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