Adding an Android Mobile Device

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By adding an Android mobile device to Grades2Go™, you make your Desktop data accessible 24/7, in your pocket or purse.  Data is synchronized between Grades2Go™ Desktop and your smartphone or tablet is via USB, making an internet connection unnecessary.


Before starting this procedure, the Mobile Sync Status panel on the Status Bar appears as MobileSyncPanel_NONE.  After the procedure is successfully completed, the Status Bar appears as MobileSyncPanel_ACTIVE_green.  The device can then be disabled/enabled at any time by clicking on ButtonACTIVE or through Setup > Mobile Device > Enable/Disable.


Adding a mobile device to Grades2Go™ involves five steps, as covered in the next topics.  They should be performed in sequence:


Step 1: Install Grades2Go™ Android Sync

Step 2: Select and Enable a Supported Mobile Platform

After this step, the Mobile Sync Status panel on the Status Bar appears as MobileSyncPanel_CODE until a Mobile Activation Code is purchased and entered into Grades2Go™ Desktop.

Step 3: Install Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android

Step 4: Perform an Initial Synchronization

In this step, Grades2Go™ Desktop data will be downloaded to your Android device.  It will be available for viewing and editing.  However, you will not be able to upload any edited data from the mobile device to the desktop until you purchase a Mobile Activation Code, which is necessary for bidirectional synchronization of user data (but not sandbox data, which can be fully synchronized even without a Code).

Step 5: Purchase and Enter a Mobile Activation Code

This step removes all limitations and enables full, two-way data synchronization.


After this procedure is successfully completed, Sync Status SyncVerdanaGreen will be green.  If red SyncVerdanaRed , an alert condition is detected, and clicking on SyncVerdanaRed opens the Sync Alert Summary with further instructions.


Occasionally, you may want to completely overwrite all your Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android data with current Desktop data.  This can be done for all Sections and Terms at once via Setup > Mobile Device > Set/Clear Master Rebuild.  Or, it can be done for an individual Section/Term via File > Rebuild Mobile Device from the menu line on any Section Dashboard. Be careful to note that any edits performed on your Android device since the previous synchronization will be lost in Master Rebuild!


Finally, there may be times when you want to download Grades2Go™ Desktop data from a previous year into your mobile device.  This is easily done by selecting the Set independently option in Setup > Mobile Device > Sync Year and then performing a synchronization.  This extra data will not affect existing school year data,  though it will take up significantly extra memory space on your mobile device.  Make sure you return the option to Set to Grades2Go after data is downloaded.




HelpModeButtonBlue Help Mode

Don't forget that you can use the Help Mode button to learn more about the forms and controls you encounter during Mobile installation. If blue, a displayed form is in normal operation.  If red, it is in Help Mode until this button is clicked again — or the form is exited.  During Help Mode, you can click on a form or control for context-sensitive Help via the User Manual.



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