Step 2: Select and Enable a Supported Mobile Platform

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In order to use a mobile device with Grades2Go™, it must be selected and enabled according to the following procedure.



Click on Setup > Mobile Device > Enable/Disable, bringing up the Mobile Device Setup screen.







Click on the Edit button and then check the Enable (synchronize) box.  Mobile Device selection controls will appear.








If not already selected, click on the Mobile Platform drop-down selector and select Android.  For User Name, enter any name that you want to assign to your Android device. You will need to use this name again when you place an order for a Mobile Activation Code.

After a selection is made, Sync Software and Mobile Software display the product numbers for Grades2Go™ Android Sync and Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android..

When done, click on the Save button. Grades2Go™ Desktop will restart and display the Mobile Sync Year screen.








Leave the selection as shown (Sync Year the same as the Grades2Go™ Desktop Default Year/Term), and click on the Options >> button, bringing up the Mobile Sync Term Optionsscreen. Note that the other option (Set independently) is generally used only when previous years' data is to be downloaded to the Mobile device.








This screen shows a checkbox for each of the Sections you teach in the Current Sync Year and indicated Term.  Initially, no checkboxes are selected.  At this point, click on the Edit button and then on the checkboxes of the Sections you want to enable for syncing with Grades2Go™ Desktop (usually all):








Checking (enabling) a Section adds Gr (Gradebook), Att (Attendance), and IEP (Individual Education Plan) option checkboxes to that Section.  Checking any of these enables the selected data type to be downloaded and synchronized with your mobile device.  If not checked, that data will not be included.  Check the boxes you want included in each synchronization.

The boxes checked in the previous step apply only to the displayed Semester/Term.  However, checking the Apply this pattern to all terms box at the very bottom will apply the displayed selections to each of the four Terms of the selected Sync Year.  Check this box now.

Click on Save to finish this procedure and make your selections permanent.  Grades2Go™ Desktop will restart.



The Mobile Sync Status panel on the Status Bar now appears as MobileSyncPanel_CODE, reminding you that a Mobile Activation Code needs to be purchased and entered in order for unrestricted synchronization to occur.  Clicking on ButtonCODE gives Code purchase details and takes you to the Mindspark Online Store.  Clicking on SyncVerdanaRed opens Sync Alert Summary showing what steps need to be taken before mobile synchronization can be performed.




HelpModeButtonBlue Help Mode

Don't forget that you can use the Help Mode button to learn more about the forms and controls you encounter during Mobile installation. If blue, a displayed form is in normal operation.  If red, it is in Help Mode until this button is clicked again — or the form is exited.  During Help Mode, you can click on a form or control for context-sensitive Help via the User Manual.



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