Step 5: Purchase and Enter a Mobile Activation Code

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In order to use Grades2Go™ Desktop with a mobile device and reap the benefits of full, two-way data synchronization, you need to purchase a Mobile Activation Code.  Without a Code, or with an expired/invalid one, only downloads are possible.



On Grades2Go™ Desktop, click on the ButtonCODE button on the Mobile Sync Status panel, or revisit Setup > Mobile Device > Enable/Disable.  Note your Mobile User Name, which will be needed during purchase at the Online Store.

Go to Mindspark's Online Store and purchase an Activation Code for Grades2Go™ Mobile for Android (Product G2G-MA), for the desired subscription term.  During the purchase process, you will need to supply your Mobile User Name and an associated email address.

After purchase of your Mobile Activation Code (allow 1-2 days), you will receive the actual Code in an email from Mindspark.  Copy the entire Code (extremely long!) to the clipboard (right click > Copy).

In Grades2Go Desktop, select Setup > Mobile Device > Enter Mobile Activation Code, bringing up the Enter Mobile Activation Code screen:







Click on the Paste from Clipboard button.  Your Mobile Activation Code will appear in the top box.

Verify that the rest of the information is correct  Note that your Mobile User Name is shown here as Mobile Activation Name, and the email address you supplied at purchase is shown as Mobile Activation E-Mail.

Click Save.  Grades2Go™ Desktop will restart, and the Mobile Sync Status panel on the Status Bar should now appear as MobileSyncPanel_ACTIVE_green, verifying "all systems go."


Congratulations — you are done with installation of your mobile device! Note that clicking on ButtonACTIVE now opens Mobile Device Enable/Disable, and clicking on Sync Status SyncVerdanaGreen opens Mobile Sync Log to show synchronization history.  If Sync Status shows SyncVerdanaRed, clicking opens Synchronization Alerts to help diagnose the source of alerts.


If a Mobile Activation Code has not been entered, or if it has expired or is invalid, it gets flagged in Synchronization Alerts.



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