Step 1: Install Grades2Go™ Android Sync

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Grades2Go™ Android Sync is a synchronization conduit that moves data back and forth between Grades2Go™ Desktop and your Android smartphone or tablet.   It must be installed on your Windows desktop computer for data synchronization to occur.  The download is free, but unlimited bidirectional synchronization of user data requires a valid Mobile Activation Code.  For user data, only desktop-to-mobile data downloads are possible without a Code.  However, synchronizations of sandbox data (Sample Teacher) are always bidirectional and unlimited, even without a Code.  


Install Grades2Go™ Android Sync as follows:


Close Grades2Go™ Desktop if it is open.  As is usual for installation of any software program, it is a good idea to close other running programs as well.

Go to Mindspark's Online Store and click on Download for Grades2Go™ Android Sync.  Save the downloaded file to your computer.

After the download is complete, Open the file (or find it in the download folder and double-click).  Installation of Grades2Go™ Android Sync will begin.  Follow any prompts issued during the process.


After installation is complete, an icon for Grades2Go™ Sync will be present on your desktop.  The program will also appear on your computer's All Programs list, under the Mindspark Grades2Go™ group.  Should you ever need to uninstall it, select Uninstall Grades2Go™ Android Sync.


When you receive notice of a software update via email or Check for Updates, follow this procedure again to install the newest version.  There will be no need to uninstall the previous version.


If Grades2Go™ Android Sync is not properly installed on your desktop, it will be flagged in Synchronization Alerts.

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