Basic Setup

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This chapter covers the essentials for getting Grades2Go™ up-and-running as quickly as possible.  There are three steps to the process:


Download and installation, covered in Grades2Go™ Desktop Download and Installation

User setup, covered in Adding Yourself as a User and User Setup with the Wizard

School year setup, covered in School Year Setup with the Wizard


Right after installation in the first step, we recommend that you spend some time in the Sample Teacher Sandbox (Exploring Main Features as Sample Teacher) and get a  quick overall feeling for Grades2Go™ before you add yourself as a User and start adding your own data.  This will make you aware of the fact that Sample Teacher is always available to you when you want to experiment or brush up on features that you haven't used for awhile, without risking changes to your own data.


So let's get started!



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