Adding Yourself as a User

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Now that you've had a little time to explore the basics of Grades2Go™ Desktop, you're probably anxious to get started with your own data.  Here's how.


If you use a Windows login, ensure you are logged in.

Click on File > Add New User, which brings up this form:  




Enter a User Name of your choice. It is recommended (but not essential) that you use your real name.  Whatever name you choose, it should be used again when purchasing your Activation Code. The User Name is used to name certain data folders on your computer, so using the same name is essential in ensuring that data created now continues to be accessible once you install your purchased Code.

Click on Next >. If the name already exists in the Grades2Go™ user list on your computer, you'll be prompted to change it.  Otherwise, the next form will appear:



To change the name, click < Back. Otherwise, click Next > to save this name as a new user.

Grades2Go™ now automatically restarts, with Your Name as the current user. Since you don't yet have an Activation Code, you will see an alert similar to the following:




Click OK to clear the alert. You will now see an alert about User Setup:




Click OK to clear the alert.  The main menu now appears, with only the File, Setup and Help headings enabled.  You have successfully added yourself (or someone else) as a user and are now ready to add data in the next section.






Remember ... you have a sandbox to play in!

Now that you have switched to a user other than Sample Teacher, remember that you can always return to the Sample Teacher sandbox at any time!  Just click on File > Select User > Sample Teacher. When done, reselect your own user name from the user list.



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