Exploring Main Features as Sample Teacher

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As explained in the previous section, data for Sample Teacher at Anyplace High School has been pre-installed on Grades2Go™ Desktop, with data for the 2009-2010 school year.  The fist time you run the program, it starts as Sample Teacher, the only User.  After you add yourself as a User, you will appear on the list at File > Select User.  For now, just stay with Sample User to learn the main features of Grades2Go™.


The easiest way to get to know your new software is to just start clicking away at any and all commands!  Don't worry — you can't do any damage to the program or your computer, so feel free to enter and edit data, and explore to your heart's content.  Even after you set up your own data, feel free to return to your Sample Teacher sandbox at any time to experiment with new commands, reports, etc.  This is easily done with File > Select User > Sample Teacher.


Grades2Go™ Desktop has been designed to be logically intuitive, so we hope you will have little need for this manual.  However, let's look at the features on the main program screen to get you started.  Complete details are available in the User Interface section.



Main Screenshot








User Name

identifies the currently selected User, along with a status message if the Activation Code is invalid or User Setup/Year Setup are in progress

Window Size

the standard Windows control buttons for sizing the form and closing the application

Currently Viewed Term

indicates the year/term that is the current Grades2Go™ default (Setup > Default Year/Term);  when a Section Dashboard is selected, additional buttons appear enabling pervious/next term selection; if a viewed term isn't the default term, the panel has a red background

Mobile Status

when Grades2Go™ is used with a mobile device like a smartphone or a PDA, this panel shows device status; initially set to NONE (no device used); Clicking on NONE initiates setup of a supported mobile device, with various options for individual terms and classroom sections (see Adding a Mobile Device)

Help Mode Button HelpModeButtonBlue

invokes Mindspark's QHelpTM system; see Tutorial

Alert Message Area

area reserved for important Grades2Go™ alerts, like those pertaining to pending or incomplete synchronization of a mobile device; also displays Help Mode message while active

Main Menu Headings



commands pertaining to the program and the selected user in general


commands used whenever a setup change needs to be made to the default year/term, general school or teacher data, or a mobile device; Wizards are provided for easy User Setup and Year Setup


commands for downloading/uploading school data and teacher section information from a school's server; not visible at initial program startup


course sections taught in the currently selected year, with sections not taught in a selected term shown in faded text; entry point to all section data

Course Task Archives

task archives for courses taught in the currently selected year

Reference Info

quick access to teacher, school and student info in read-only mode, eliminating the chance of accidental modification of data; this info also available via Setup, but with increased risk of affecting data

Data Folders

quick access to data folders (via Windows Explorer); folder structure automatically set up by Grades2Go™


commands giving easy access to program-based and online help options; Check for Updates ensures you have the latest version





Helpful popups ...

As you roam through Grades2Go™ Desktop's many commands, windows and controls, note that hovering over an area with your mouse will often pop up helpful information about that command or control.




HelpModeButtonBlue Help Mode

You will see the Help Mode button appear on many forms, with similar operation everywhere. It indicates availability of Mindspark's unique QHelpTM system. If blue, a displayed form is in normal operation.  If red, it is in Help Mode until this button is clicked again — or the form is exited.



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