Grades2Go™ Desktop Download and Installation

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Grades2Go™ Desktop is a free download and will work in a fully-functional but limited-features mode until a valid Activation Code is purchased.   You will be limited in the number of Tasks you can add to a Section each Term, but you will otherwise be able to do almost everything else.  Most important, you will be able to get started setting up your own data while doing a good evaluation of the product before deciding to make a purchase.


Grades2Go™ Desktop is capable of supporting multiple users, as long as each has a separate Activation Code for unrestricted operation.  A user named Sample Teacher, teaching at Anyplace High School, has been pre-installed by Mindspark in order to give you an even better evaluation experience.  Even after you are an experienced user with your own data, the Sample Teacher Sandbox gives you a safe zone where you can turn experiment with Grades2Go™ features at any time — without affecting your own valuable data.


Follow these easy steps to quickly get Grades2Go™ Desktop up and running on your desktop or notebook computer:


If more than one person uses your computer and you have a unique Windows Login User Name, make sure you are logged into your own Windows account.  If you don't ever log into a Windows account or don't understand what that is, just ignore this step.

Go to and download the latest version of Grades2Go™ Desktop.  Our downloads are in the form of self-executing files (.exe), so Save the file to a folder of your choosing or accept the usual default folder used by your browser. If prompted to Save or Open, choose Save.

After download is complete, find the file in the download folder and Open it (or double-click on the filename or icon) to begin the installation. You will be given the option to place a Grades2Go™ Desktop shortcut icon on your desktop. Enabling it will make it easy for you to start the program in the future.

After installation is complete, double-click on the Grades2Go™ Desktop icon on your desktop.  If there isn't one, open Windows Explorer and migrate to C:\Program Files\Mindspark\Grades2Go\Desktop\DW.  In this folder, you'll find the main Grades2Go™ program file, Grades2Go.exe.  You can easily create a desktop icon if you right-click on the file name and then select Send To > Desktop. Otherwise, double-click on the file name to start the program.

During startup, the Grades2Go™ intro screen shows the name of the current licensee, which is Sample Teacher when first started. Note that if you have an internet connection, you can perform an online check for a newer version of Grades2Go™ from this intro screen.  You can also prevent the intro from showing in the future by checking the box at the bottom. The intro screen is always accessible from Help > About Grades2Go Desktop, or it can also be enabled/disabled in File > User Preferences.



Click OK on the intro screen to close it.

Welcome Tutorials now open, leading you through a number of quick explanations of Grades2Go Desktop basics to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  You can prevent these from showing at every startup by checking the box in the lower left; they can be re-enabled via File > User Preferences. We suggest that you work through these at least once to get a good overview of the program and the recommended setup sequences.



Grades2Go™ Desktop is now ready to use!


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