User Setup with the Wizard

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Grades2Go™ Desktop relies on a highly organized folder structure for each User, classroom section, school and school year, with all the necessary databases in the correct folders.  Fortunately, this structure and its databases are easily created with the User Setup Wizard.  The following procedure will take you through the process, step by step.



Take a deep breath .... you don't have to do it all in one sitting!

Entry of all the data necessary to get you up and running may seem overwhelming at first, but it's not as tedious as you may think.  We've also made sure that you can stop and restart the process whenever you want. So click on Cancel at any time. You don't have to do it all in one sitting!



Verify that your new User Name appears at the top of Grades2Go™ Desktop.  If it doesn't, click File > Select User and choose your User Name from the list.  The program will then restart.  Click OK on the alert messages.

On the Main Menu, click on Setup > Wizards > User Setup.  This is the only selection currently enabled under Setup. The User Setup Wizard appears:




Click on Next > to bring up the Teacher Code screen:




Here, accept the suggested Teacher Code or enter one that may already have been assigned to you for other purposes by your school (teacher number, ID, etc.).   Teacher Code will be used as an identifier for teacher-specific data files.

Clicking on Next > brings up the School Code screen:




Enter a School Code of your choice.  A good one would be an assigned code from the government, but anything else will work.  If there are other Grades2Go™ users at your school, you should standardize on the same code so that school databases can be shared by all of you once they are created by someone.  For our purposes here, we'll use YOUR_SCHL.

Click on Next > to enter the Teacher Profile screen:




Although not required, it's suggested that you click on Show Teacher Profile at this point.  This will bring up a form similar to the following::




Check your name, which is initially assumed to be the same as your User Name.  If it isn't, click on Edit and update it, as well as any other additional info you want to provide.  Then click Save.

Click on Next > on the Wizard window to show the final screen:




Click on Finish.  Grades2Go™ automatically restarts. Since you don't yet have an Activation Code, you will see an alert similar to the following:




Click OK to clear the alert. You will now see an alert about Year Setup:




Click OK to clear the alert.  The main menu now appears, with the File, Setup, Documents and Help headings enabled.  You have successfully set up your user files and are ready to proceed with setup of the school year in the next section.



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