School Year Setup with the Wizard

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Take a deep breath .... you don't have to do it all in one sitting!

Entry of all the data necessary to get you up and running may seem long and tedious at first, but it's not as bad as you may think. Also, you can stop and restart the process whenever you want. So click on Cancel whenever you want to take a break. You don't have to do it all in one sitting!



Verify that your User Name appears at the top of Grades2Go™ Desktop.  If it doesn't, click File > Select User and choose your User Name from the list.  The program will then restart.  Click OK on the alert messages.

On the Main Menu, click on Setup > Wizards > Year Setup.  The Year Setup Wizard appears:




Click on Next > and the Select Year screen appears:




Select the desired school year from the drop-down list (click arrow to see the list, then select one).



Always use this wizard!

Return to this Year Setup wizard whenever you need to change the viewed year, whether adding a new year or viewing old data.


Click on Next >, bringing up the School Server screen:




As mentioned before, it is possible to host common school files for Grades2Go™ Desktop on a school server, so that you don't have to create them yourself.  Unless your school has specifically told you that it hosts Grades2Go™ databases, leave the selection at No.

Click on Next >, resulting in the Database screen:




This screen shows the school databases that must be created before Grades2Go™ will operate for the selected school year. Import, Copy and Create are presented as options for each database if it doesn't already exist. Import allows you to use a school database already created by someone else (via email, etc). Copy allows you to  copy data from a previous year into a new database for this year, which you can then edit.  We will assume that neither of these options apply, so you will be using the Create option for each line. As soon as a database is created, it will be checked off and present a single View option.  In the next sections, we will create these databases one-by-one.



Additional users have it easy!

If more than one Grades2Go™ user shares this program and someone else has already created the necessary school files for the year, they will appear already checked.  You won't have to re-create them!



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