School Courses

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The next database that must be created is YOUR_SCHL-Courses-2009.mdb.


From the Databases screen, click on Create to bring up Define Courses:




Click on Begin or Continue, bringing up the School Courses form:




Although this can be a list of all courses taught at your school, add only the ones you teach (or at least one of them to get familiar with the process — you can add the rest later via Setup > School > Courses). Start by clicking Add, which brings up the Add a Course form:



Enter information for one of the courses you teach.  Clicking Save will update School Courses.  Keep repeating Add until you have entered all your courses.


Course ID

a short code for the course (e.g. "WH1" for World History 1); use the code your school already has, if short enough; avoid "(" and ")" characters since those will be appended to Course ID to form the section identifier (e.g. WH1(2) for section 2)


the department that teaches the course (not essential info for Grades2Go™)

Course Name

the longer name for the course (e.g. "World History 1")


a short description of the course (not essential info for Grades2Go™)


Click Close on School Courses.   On the Define Courses screen, clicking on Next > returns you to the Databases screen with the Courses database now checked, showing that it has been created:




You are now ready to set up Students in the next section.


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