School Grading

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The next database that must be created is YOUR_SCHL-Grading-2009.mdb.


From the Databases screen, click on Create to bring up Define Grading Scheme:




Click on Begin or Continue, showing the School Grading Schema form:




Relative grading weights of terms and semesters are defined here, along with non-term grade components like semester and final exams.  In addition, two custom non-term grades (Additional #1 and Additional #2).can be entered for each Semester Grade and the Final Grade.

Click on Edit and then complete the form according to your school's grading schema.  To include a non-term grade, check the appropriate box and then enter the name of the grade and the weight percentage in the boxes that appear.



Print a report whenever you see this button ...

The Grading Schema form is the first time you have seen the Report button:


Whenever you see this button throughout Grades2Go™, you know that you can click on it to easily create a nicely formatted report.


Click on Save to close this form.  On the Define Grading Schema screen, clicking on Next > takes you to Define Grading Bands




Click on Begin or Continue, showing the School Grade Bands form:




This is where you specify your school's letter grade-to-percentage bands.  A fairly standard set of bands is pre-loaded, which you can modify as needed.  .



the letter designation of the band

Lower Lim

the lower limit of the grade band in %


the value of a letter grade in %


brings up an edit window for a selected band


adds a new band


deletes a selected band


Click on Save or Close to exit this form.  On the Define Grading Bands screen, clicking on Next > returns you to the Databases screen with the Grading database checked, showing that it has been created:





You are now ready to set up Calendar in the next section.



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