School Profile

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Let's get started with the first database, YOUR_SCHL-Profile-2009.mdb (YOUR_SCHL is replaced by the school code you chose earlier).


From the Databases screen, click on Create on the first line to bring up Create School Profile:





Click on Begin or Continue, showing the School Profile form:




Fill in the necessary info (you may have to click Edit first):


School Name

enter the full name of the school

School ID

(not editable)

Stud ID #Chars

select the number of characters in the school's student ID codes/numbers

Website URL

enter the school's website address (

Year Start Month

select the month that the school year starts


(fixed at 2)

Grading Terms/Semester

(fixed at 2)

Classes On

check each day of the week that school is in session

Rotating Schedule?

select whether the schedule is a rotating (shifting) one

Server-Based Data

check only if school distributes Grades2Go™ files on a server

If Yes is selected for Rotating Schedule?, the following panel appears:


Days in Rotation

select the number of days in the rotation cycle

Starting Day

select the day of the cycle to be associated with the first day of school (probably 1)


Click on Save to close this window.  On the School Profile Wizard screen, clicking on Next > returns you to the Databases screen with the first database checked, showing that it has been created:





You are now ready to set up Grading in the next section.


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