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The final database that must be created is NAME_Y-Sections-2009.mdb. This database identifies all the course sections and student rosters you teach in the selected year.


From the Databases screen, click on Create to bring up Define Sections and Rosters:




Click on Begin or Continue, bringing up the Section Information form:




This screen summarizes all the course sections you teach in the current year.  



displays the number of a term if taught and a (-) if not taught (e.g. 1 2 3 4 for all terms, 1 2 - -  for S1T1 and S1T2 only)


the scheduling block to which the section is assigned


the usual room number

Section ID

the identifier for the section, e.g. WH1(1) for section 1 of WH1 (World History 1)

Course Name

long name of course (e.g. World History 1)


total number of students in section


number of males in section (? indicates gender info was not provided for at least one student)


number of females in section (? indicates gender info was not provided for at least one student)

Ed Plans

number of students on an Individual Education Plan (special needs)


Add the course sections you teach this year (or at least one to get familiar with the process — you can add the rest later via Setup > Teacher > Sections). Start by clicking Add Section, which brings up the Add Section form:




Enter the required information.  Clicking Save will update Section Information.  Keep repeating Add Section until you have entered as many sections as you want.  You can add the rest later via Setup > Teacher > Sections.


Section ID

unique identifier for the Section, in the format Course(SecNo) (visible only on View Section form)


a drop down list for selecting/indicating the desired Course; a course can be added here by selecting <create a new course>

Sec No

a unique identifier of the Section taught with a Course; alphanumeric, 8 character maximum


an identifier for the Room where the Section usually meets

Active Terms

four checkboxes, one for each Term of the year; if checked, the Section meets in that Term and a Section Dashboard is available; if not, it doesn't meet and no Section Dashboard is available


the Block of the school's daily schedule during which this Section meets; varies indicates the Block is not constant from day to day (can be customized via Block Selectors)

Block Selectors

a drop-down Block selector for each day of the week (or each day of a rotating schedule); allows customizing of variable Blocks

Edit/Save Button

Edit makes viewed information editable; Save saves displayed information to the database




Rotating schedule comment ...

If School Profile specifies a rotating schedule, the number of selection boxes under (Block per Schedule Day) equals the number of days in the rotation cycle. The rotating option is set via Rotating Schedule? in Setup > School > Profile.


Click Close on Section Information.   On the Define Sections and Rosters screen, click on Next > to bring up the final screen:




Congratulations — you have finished Year Setup! Click on Finish > and Grades2Go™ will restart with all menu selections enabled.  For detailed information on the rest of Grades2Go™ Desktop, see the User Interface section of the manual.



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