User Interface

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Grades2Go™ Desktop has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitively logical, with your objectives achievable in just a few clicks of the mouse.  No matter where you are in the program, your next steps should be fairly obvious from the various labels and captions.  But should you find you need some help, there are some easy ways to get it:


Notice that as you briefly hover over many of the text boxes, buttons and controls, a helpful description pops up.  These popups are of great help while leaning the program, probably answering most "what is this" questions you may have.

For more detailed information, click on the closest Help button HelpModeButtonBlue . This will put the program into Help Mode HelpModeButtonRed , meaning that instead of usual operation, clicks on most buttons, controls, and screen areas will open Grades2Go™ Help indexed to information about,  or related to, that item. Help Mode remains in effect until the Help button is clicked again.

Complete Help options are always available at Main Menu > Help.



Remember ... you have a sandbox!

Remember that you can always return to the Sample Teacher sandbox at any time!  Just click on File > Select User > Sample Teacher. When done, reselect your own user name from the user list.

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