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Main Menu Selections are visible at startup and show all available Grades2Go™ Desktop operations.  These selections and their sub-menus are covered in separate topics.




User maintenance, Activation Codes, and mobile synchronization logs

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main setup commands for general school and teacher data, server hosting, and  mobile device synchronization

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school data download/upload commands, visible only if program is set up to interact with data hosted on a school server

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section data dashboards for all course sections taught in currently selected year

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Course Task Archives

personal task archives for all courses taught in currently selected year

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Reference Info

teacher, school and student info in read-only mode; same information as in Setup, but accessing here eliminates risk of affecting data

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Data Folders

quick shortcuts directly to folders containing Grades2Go™ data files (displays via Windows Explorer)

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quick shortcuts to program-based and online help options

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