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Course Task Archives lists all Tasks associated with all Courses taught by the Current User.  It is cumulative since the beginning of Grades2Go™ use and is not year-specific.  Clicking on a course opens the Task Archive for the selected Course.


All Tasks for the Course are listed here (those intended for Term use or Non-Term). Term Tasks are assigned during a Term and are components of a student's Term grade. Non-Term Tasks are components of the student's Semester or Final (Year) grade.


Vital data is displayed for each listed Task, as well an icon indicating a linked document if any.  The last four columns show accumulated Task usage statistics.








Data Grid





the Code for the Task, as defined in Teacher Task Codes for TERM Tasks or one of the fixed Non-Term Task Codes for NON-TERM Tasks (S1Exam, S1Add1, S1Add2, S2Exam, S2Add1, S2Add2, FinalExam, FinalAdd1, FinalAdd2)

Task Name

the name of the task


a further description of the task (optional)


the date the task was added to the Task Archive

Gr Type

the default grade type


the maximum point value for the task (applicable only if Gr Type is Points or if Grading Algorithm is set to PC)


shows an icon if a Master Document is associated with the task; if icon is present, double-clicking it opens the document

Statistics Columns



historically (through the present), the number of students who have received a grade on the task


historically (through the present), the average grade (in percent) received for the task


for the current year-to-date, the number of students who have received a grade on the task


for the current year-to-date, the average grade (in percent) received for the task







Utilities Menu

additional commands for this form (click to show)

Rebuild Stats for All Tasks

allows all task statistics for this course (last 4 columns) to be selectively recalculated or cleared (see Rebuild Task Stats form); can also be done on an individual task basis (click on Utilities in Task and Document Viewer)

View Button

opens Task and Document Viewer for the selected task;  same as double-clicking on a task

Make New Button

opens the Task and Document Viewer form in new task mode

Make Copy Button

after a confirmation alert, uses the selected task as a template to add an identical task to the Archive list; a number is appended to Task Name to make it unique and [COPY OF ...] is added to Description; new task details can be edited as desired

Delete Button

after a confirmation alert and a request for YES to be entered, permanently deletes this task from the Archive
WARNING: even though a backup is made of the Archive before deleting a Task from the Archive, there may be data that depends on it being present in the Archives; use this command only if absolutely necessary!

Report Button ReportButton

creates printable/emailable PDF from info on this form



The topics that follow describe the Task and Document Viewer and the Rebuild Task Stats function.



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