Task and Document Viewer

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Task and Document Viewer appears when new Archive tasks are to be added, displays information for existing tasks, and allows information to be edited.





(shown in Edit mode)








Utilities Menu

additional commands (click to show)

Rebuild Stats

allows Task Statistics to be selectively recalculated or cleared via Rebuild Task Stats; can also be done for ALL tasks in this course via Utilities in Course Task Archives


the Code associated with the Task (drop-down list when creating a new Task; not editable in Edit mode)

Last Assg

the last date the Task was assigned in any Section/Term


the name of the Task


a further description of the Task (optional)


Task author (fixed to Current User when creating a new task)


the date the Task was created (calendar pop-up; defaults to today's date)

Default Grade Type

suggested default grade type during grade entry; can be overridden during Section/Term use; note that any grade type can be assigned to any entered grade at any time (applies even to PC Algorithm — an automatic conversion is made)

Pct Option

suggests grade entry as a percent (0 - 100)

Pts Option

suggests grade entry as points (0 - Max Pts)

Max Pts

sets maximum points (if Pts Option or PC Algorithm)

Ltr Option

suggests grade entry as a letter type (Grading Bands)

P/F Option

suggests grade entry as Pass or Fail (100% or 0%, Max Pts or 0 Pts)

Master Doc Path

name and location of a linked document ( Course Task Documents Folder)

Link Button

opens a folder/file selector dialog window to locate an existing document and automatically creates a copy for the Course Task Documents Folder; link finalized upon Save

X Button

removes the link to a document (document itself not affected)

Create/View Button

Create: clicking offers to create a new document (with MS Word); link finalized upon Save

View: clicking opens linked document in a separate window using its default application

Edit Button

puts displayed information into Edit mode; button not visible after selection

Save Button

saves data and closes window




Auto-Renaming of Linked Documents

Linking a document to an Archive Task results in a copy of the Task being placed in the Course Task Documents Folder. If a document by the same name already exists, a numerical version number is appended to the document name (eg First Test.doc => First Test(2).doc)



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