Delete Current User

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Delete Current User removes the currently selected User from the Select User list.  All of the User's folder structures and accumulated data are unaffected by using this command.


(Your Name is selected here for explanation purposes)



All information except the Activation Code is displayed for the current User.  To delete the User, you must copy the current Activation Code in its entirety from the original Mindspark email and then click Paste from Clipboard.  If it is the correct Code, it will appear in the Activation Code text box and Delete will be enabled.  Clicking Delete will remove the User after a confirmation request.


The deleted User can be reactivated (even without an Activation Code!) with Add New User, using the deleted User Name. User Setup and Year Setup will also need to be performed.




Sample User can't be deleted!

The information you see above is for example purposes only.  In reality, Sample User can't be deleted because it represents your sandbox for learning and experimenting with Grades2Go™, and the Delete operation is inhibited before this form is ever displayed.



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