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Enable/Disable associates/disassociates Grades2Go™ with a companion mobile device and its required mobile application/synchronization software.  Once a device is set up and enabled, it can be disabled/re-enabled at will without losing setup data.





(Device not enabled or set up)




(Device enabled and in Edit mode)




(Device enabled and already set up)








Enable (synchronize) Checkbox

associates/disassociates synchronization of a mobile device

Mobile Platform

dropdown list of supported mobile devices platforms (visible only if Enable is checked)

User Name

a unique name assigned to the mobile device (device set up outside Grades2Go™; not necessarily the same as the Grades2Go™ Desktop User Name)

Sync Software

the Grades2Go™ Sync product that needs to be downloaded and installed onto the desktop computer in order to synchronize Grades2Go™ Desktop with the connected mobile device

Mobile Software

the Grades2Go™ Mobile app which needs to be installed on the Android smartphone or tablet

Edit/Save Button

puts form into Edit mode and saves data; Save automatically brings up Mobile Sync Year form

Set Sync Year >> Button

brings up Mobile Sync Year form



For more information, see Adding a Mobile Device - Step 1: Selecting and Enabling a Supported Device.



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