Enter Mobile Activation Code

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Enter Mobile Activation Code brings up the following form:






From the email your received from Mindspark, carefully copy the entire Mobile Activation Code (extremely long!) to the clipboard (select the whole Code, then right-click and select Copy).

On the form, click on Paste from Clipboard.  The Mobile Activation Code will appear in the top text box, and presuming it's a valid one, so will all the other information.  Your information should look similar to this (except that start and end dates will be specified):








Mobile Activation Code

the Code you just copied from Mindspark's email

Product Code

Mindspark's code for the software product (in this case, G2G-DW)

Version Validity

if not a version-limited license, entry reads Valid for Any Version; otherwise, version and revision existing at time of purchase are shown

Mobile Activation Name

the User Name associated with this Activation Code (should be same as the name you used to add yourself as a User)

Mobile Activation E-Mail

the email address associated with this Code during purchase (will be used to notify you of version updates)

Start Date

the date the Activation Code becomes effective

Expiration Date

the last day the Activation Code is effective

Paste from Clipboard

pastes the current contents of the clipboard (previous Copy command) into the Activation Code box; use this to copy and paste the lengthy new Activation Code received via email without any mistakes


saves displayed Activation Code data to a database


If your information is correct, click Save to accept the Mobile Activation Code.  If it isn't, or if you have an error message, repeat copying the full Code from the mail (but more carefully!) and click on Paste from Clipboard again.



For more information, see Adding a Mobile Device - Step 2: Purchasing and Entering an Activation Code.



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