Sync Year

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Sync Year sets the Grades2Go™ data year with which the mobile device will synchronize during a synchronization session.  Only one year can be synchronized per session.





(when first opened)




(Edit mode with Set independently selected)







Current Sync Year

shows data year to which mobile device is currently set to synchronize

Set to Grades2Go™ Desktop default Option

makes mobile device data sync year the same as the Grades2Go™ Default Year/Term setting (recommended option

Set independently Option

enables setting of mobile sync year to a manually-selected year independent of Default Year/Term; primary use is to load mobile device with data from a previous year

Sync Year Selector

the fixed year to which mobile sync should be set (visible only if Set independently Option is chosen; chosen year must have been already set up via Setup > Wizards > Year Setup)

Edit/Save Button

puts form into Edit mode and saves data; Save automatically brings up Mobile Sync Term Options form



For more information, see Adding a Mobile Device - Step 1: Selecting and Enabling a Supported Device.



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