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School commands define school-specific data such as profile info, calendar, periods and blocks, courses, grading scheme, pre-formatted progress report comments, and student information. Each command is explored in detail in the following topics.



School data can be hosted on a server, as explained and controlled in Profile.  If a server is used and a particular database is selected for download, the corresponding command in the menu will be disabled (light text).  For example, if Calendar is checked on the Profile form, School > Calendar will be unavailable on this menu because it is controlled by the server.  Whether a server is used or not, data is always viewable via Reference Info.




School data can be shared!

Data created by School commands can be used by all Grades2Go™ users at the same school.  In other words, once the first User enters all necessary School data, the resulting databases can be shared by all other users — data doesn't have to be re-entered by everyone else!  See how in Sharing School Databases.



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