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Blocks allows a block schedule to be set up, with block names conforming to a school's naming scheme.


Many schools schedule classes according to a Block system, where each course section is assigned a particular time block.  Depending on the school, the time period of each Block can be either fixed every day (e.g. Blocks A, B, C, D and E, each 5 days a week, same time each day), or scheduled in a customized pattern.  Many schools also incorporate a rotating block system, where the scheduled pattern repeats in its entirety after a certain number of days.


One of two forms appears with the Block command, one for a fixed schedule (non-rotating) and the other for a rotating schedule (as set in School Profile):










Data Grid





a unique short code for the Block (internal use; not displayed)


the school's common name for the Block (displayed)

Period Columns

Fixed schedule: days of the week that school is in session; cell identifies associated Period

Rotating schedule: one column per rotating day number; cell identifies associated Period







Edit Button

when a Block is highlighted, opens Edit Block; equivalent action if line is double-clicked

Add Button

opens Add Block

Delete Button

deletes a highlighted Block

Report Button ReportButton

creates printable report/PDF from info in this tab




This data can be shared!

Data created by this command can be used by all Grades2Go™ users at the same school.  In other words, once the first User enters all necessary data, the resulting database can be shared by all other users — data doesn't have to be re-entered by everyone else!  See how in Sharing School Databases.



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