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Profile sets basic school information.  The form is shown here in Edit mode with all controls and text boxes visible.












School Name

full name of school

School ID

not editable (set during User Setup)

Stud ID #Chars

the number of characters in the school's student ID code/number

Website URL

school's website address (

Year Start Month

the month that the school year starts


fixed at 2 (may be variable in a future version)

Grading Terms/Sem

fixed at 2 (may be variable in a future version)

Classes On

checks indicate days of the week that school is in session

Rotating Schedule?

No if daily schedule is fixed; Yes if daily schedule shifts

(only if Yes)


Days in Rotation

the number of days in the rotation cycle

Starting Day

the day of the rotation cycle associated with the first day of school (usually 1)

Server-Based Data

checked if school files are distributed from a server

(only if checked)



FTP address of the server hosting downloadable school files


FTP folder on server (if specified)


Profile, Calendar, Courses, Students, Grading, Tchr Secs, EP Docs, EP Logs: if checked, data must be downloaded from the server, either automatically at startup or manually via Connect from the Main Menu


Stud Info Rpt, EP Rpt: if checked, locally-added data can be uploaded to the server via Connect

Sec Attend Rpts, Sec Grade Rpts: if checked, data can be uploaded to the server via Connect in individual Section Dashboards




This data can be shared!

Data created by this command can be used by all Grades2Go™ users at the same school.  In other words, once the first User enters all necessary data, the resulting database can be shared by all other users — data doesn't have to be re-entered by everyone else!  See how in Sharing School Databases.



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