Student Email Communication Handler

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Student Email Communication Handler makes it easy to send emails to a Student and his/her Support Circle.  The form is accessible by clicking any ButtonStudInfoEmail icon on Student Information, or by clicking on the Student Email column of the Student Folders tab of a Section Dashboard.


The Email Handler provides a number of time-saving features:


your email address appears on the From line

the clicked address automatically appears on the To line

if other email addresses are available for the Student's Support Circle, checkboxes for those addresses are made available on the Cc and Bcc lines

an additional Self checkbox is available on the Bcc line, as additional assurance that an email was successfully transmitted and received

additional email addresses can be added as Bcc's (separated with commas)

a single attachment is supported, and it can be viewed before sending

a record of the communication can be automatically entered in the Student Progress Journal (from Student Folders only) and the EP Progress Journal (if applicable)












From Line

the Current User's email address (automatically entered from Teacher Profile)

To Line

the email address that was clicked to bring up the form; line is followed by the recipient type in parentheses, eg (Student)

Cc Line

checkboxes for Cc recipients by type (enabled if addresses present)

Bcc Line

checkboxes for Bcc recipients by type (enabled if addresses present); additional checkbox for Self (Current User's address); additional + addresses may be addeded if separated by commas

Subject Line

subject text (required)


message body text (not required, but prompted if missing)

Attach Window

full pathname of an optional attached file

Link Button

opens a folder/file selector dialog window to locate an existing document and place its pathname in the Attach Window

X Button

after confirmation, clears the contents of the Attach Window (removes the link)

View Button

clicking displays the linked document in a separate window, using an appropriate application program

Student Progress Checkbox

if checked, records the email in the Student Progress Journal (checkbox available within Section Dashboards only)  

EP Progress Checkbox

if checked, records the email in the EP Progress Journal (if applicable)


sends the email as configured on the form



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