Student Education Plan Documents

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Student Education Plan Documents appears when EP Docs Button is clicked on Student Information.  It enables quick retrieval of Education Plan Documents for Ed Plan Students by referencing a database of document links.  The necessary database can either be created by the School's IT Department and hosted on the School's server (see Server-Based Data in School Profile), or links can be manually added by the User using the Link Button on this form.


Grades2Go™ divides Ed Plan Documents into two major types:


General documents, which deal with general aspects of a Plan that are not specific to any one Section; there can be one General document per Ed Plan

Section documents, which describe the Plan for specific classroom Sections; there can be one Section document for each Section in which an Ed Plan Student is enrolled





(shown in Edit mode)








Ed Plan ID#

the ID# of the Student's Education Plan (from Student Info)

Student Name

name of the currently viewed Student

Section Selector

drop-down selector with General as the first selection, followed by all Sections taught by the Teacher in which this Ed Plan Student is enrolled (generally a single Section, but could be more)

Document Location

the full pathname for the reference document

Edit/Save Button

clicking Edit makes Document Location editable and changes the Edit Button to Save, which then saves the link to the School EP Documents database; Edit/Save Button is not visible if the database is hosted on a server

View Button

opens the linked Document in a new window, using the appropriate application program

Link Button

visible only in Edit mode; opens a folder/file selector dialog window to locate an existing document and automatically creates a copy for the EPDocs Folder; link finalized upon Save

Delete Button

visible only in Edit mode when a linked document is present; after confirmation, removes the link from the School EP Documents database but leaves the document itself in the EPDocs Folder.



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