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Categories are groupings of Task Codes, used only in WC and PC Grading Algorithms.  Term grades are calculated by combining Category grades according to their assigned percentage weights.  This form shows all defined Categories, with default weights, and allows new ones to be added or existing ones to be edited or removed.


Categories with Default Pct Weights greater than 0 are used to define the default WC/PC Grading Scheme for each Term whenever a new Section is created.  For this reason, the total of the Default Pct column must  always be 100%.  The form cannot be closed unless this condition is met.  However, these default Categories/Weights can be modified as needed within any Section and Term.








Data Grid





the name for this Category

Included Codes

the Codes currently associated with this Category

Default Pct

the default weight in % for term grade calculations (can be adjusted within TERM Calculation Scheme)







Edit Button

clicking opens the Edit Category form (see below) for a highlighted course; equivalent action when a line is double-clicked

Add Button

clicking opens the Add Category form (see below)

Delete Button

clicking opens Delete confirmation for highlighted Category

Report Button ReportButton

creates printable/emailable PDF from info on this form

Close Button

before closing the form, calculates the total of the Default Pct



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