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Report Server maintains up to two SMTP email servers for the Current User, for use in routine emails and in the Communications Wizard.  One of the two is the GMail SMTP server (, which can be used by anyone with a Google GMail account (free) and is pre-entered here.  The other can be any other SMTP email server for which the User has an account.  One of the two servers can be designated as the Active one for subsequent use by Grades2Go™ (can be changed at any time; in Communications Wizard, can be changed for a communications session).


Mindspark strongly recommends that you set up a free Google account if you don't already have one, and that you use the GMail server as the active one here.  In so doing, all of the communications you generate via Grades2Go™ will be conveniently archived in your GMail Sent mailbox.  Mindspark will be basing much of its future technology around Google's powerful web-based applications, so establishing an account is a good idea!





(shown in Edit mode)








Active GMail/Other

selection of either the GMail SMTP server (recommended) or another email server of the User's choice

Secure Server Checkbox

check if SMTP server requires SSL (secure) protocol


host name of SMTP server (without the http://)


port number of SMTP server; default value is 465 if Secure Server checked and 25 if unchecked

User Name

User's login name for the SMTP server account


User's password for the SMTP server account

Edit/Save Button

puts form into Edit mode and saves data



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