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Add/View Section allows you to add a new Section or view/edit an existing Section.  The Add version is displayed after pushing Add Section Button on the Index; the View/Edit version appears after pushing Section Info Button on the Sections list with a selection highlighted.














Section ID

unique identifier for the Section, in the format Course(SecNo) (visible only on View Section form)


a drop down list for selecting/indicating the desired Course; a course can be added here by selecting <create a new course>

Sec No

a unique identifier of the Section taught with a Course; alphanumeric, 8 character maximum


an identifier for the Room where the Section usually meets

Active Terms

four checkboxes, one for each Term of the year; if checked, the Section meets in that Term and a Section Dashboard is available; if not, it doesn't meet and no Section Dashboard is available


the Block of the school's daily schedule during which this Section meets; varies indicates the Block is not constant from day to day (can be customized via Block Selectors)

Block Selectors

a drop-down Block selector for each day of the week (or each day of a rotating schedule); allows customizing of variable Blocks

Edit/Save Button

Edit makes viewed information editable; Save saves displayed information to the database



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