Email Communication Handler

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Email Communication Handler makes it easy to send single emails from within Grades2Go™.  It is especially useful for immediate emailing of working Reports created via ReportButton Report Buttons found throughout the application.




Want to send an email to a Student or his/her Support Circle?

As defined by Mindspark Inc, a student's Support Circle is the group of individuals most concerned with his/her academic progress.  In Grades2Go™, it includes the student, parents/guardians, the guidance counselor, and the teacher.  To send them an email, do so from the Student Info Tab!  This has the added benefit of logging the communication to the Student Journal and/or Student EP Journal.





your email address automatically appears on the From line

multiple addresses are supported on the Cc line (separate by commas)

a Self checkbox is provided and sent as a Bcc, as additional assurance that an email was successfully transmitted and received

a single attachment is supported, already set up by the Report Handler

attachment can be viewed, changed to another document, or cleared before sending












From Line

the Current User's email address (automatically entered from Teacher Profile)

To Line

desired email addess(es); if more than one, separate by commas

Cc Line

desired Cc recipient(s); if more than one, separate by commas

Self Checkbox

checking sends a copy of the email to the User as a Bcc

Subject Line

subject text (required)


message body text (not required, but prompted if missing)

Attach Window

full pathname of an optional attached file; automatically set by Report Handler

Link Button

opens a folder/file selector dialog window to locate an existing document and place its pathname in the Attach Window

X Button

after confirmation, clears the contents of the Attach Window (removes the link)

View Button

clicking displays the linked document in a separate window, using an appropriate application program


sends the email as configured on the form



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