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Communications Wizard is a powerful feature of Grades2Go™ Desktop that takes all the tedium out of creating and distributing Progress Reports for individual class sections.  You can literally create and electronically distribute clear, well-formatted reports or memos to Students and their Support Circles within just a few clicks!.  The Communications Wizard makes it easy to be proactive in Parent/Guardian communications to an extent never before possible — building your accountability as well as your image as a teacher.





Manages two kinds of Section-wide communications:

Reports — reports of individual student performance, attached as PDF documents to a cover email with a personalized Subject line, and distributed automatically (or printed for manual distribution) to designated student/Support Circle recipients

Memos — email memos of a general nature, with a personalized Subject line and optional attachments (eg calendar, class roster, etc), and distributed automatically (or printed for manual distribution) to designated student/Support Circle recipients

Can include all students in a communication, or just selected ones

Support Circle recipients can include the student, parents/guardians, the guidance counselor, and the teacher

Reports are easily configured by simply checking/unchecking desired Report Modules

Reports can be previewed before they are actually created and distributed

Report configurations can be named and saved as Templates

Saved Templates can be edited and deleted

Emails can be distributed via either the Gmail server (the suggested option because it is both powerful and free) or a user-defined one

Jobs are logged into a Communications Wizard Index for easy status monitoring and document retrieval

Pending jobs are prompted upon opening a Section Dashboard (each new Section job must be completed before a new one is started

Pending jobs can be canceled










Communications Wizard control panels are color coded into four distinct functional types.  Click on the Type links for complete descriptions and explanations.






Template Panels

allow Report/Memo configurations to be saved to Templates that can be easily selected, edited, and deleted


Recipient Panels

select the students for whom Reports/Memos will be created, as well as the Support Circle members to whom they will be distributed


Cover Email/MEMO Panel

configures a Job as a Report or a Memo; for a Report, formats the cover email to which a Report PDF will be attached; for a Memo, allows subject and body to be specified, as well as an optional file attachment


Report Module Panels

collections of preformatted, check-selectable Report Modules covering a range of data reporting needs


Distribution Job Panel

provides sequencing of the Communications Job, guiding the User through the process; allows previewing of any Report/Memo configuration prior to creating actual Reports; once Reports are created, opens the Communications Job Distributor



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