Distribution Job Panel

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Distribution Job Panel sequences the User through the Communications Wizard's necessary steps.





allows previewing of any Report/Memo configuration

selects the email server to be used

allows canceling of the Job if necessary

allows viewing of the Section's  Communications Wizard Index












Cancel Job Button

after confirmation, terminates the Job; removes any created files (.box types); removes Job from the Communications Wizard Index

View Index Button

opens the Communications Wizard Index form and shows all entries for the Current Section

Email Server Panel

allows User to choose the preferred email server for the present Job; initializes to the selection made in Report Server

Gmail Option

selects the Gmail server if available

Other Option

selects the other email server if available (User-defined)


the SMTP address for the selected email server (for visual reference only)

User Name

the Current User's User Name for the selected email server (for visual reference only)


[Step #1] Preview Indicator/ Button: green when waiting for the User and white otherwise; clicking previews the entire Job in the Communications Job Previewer,after which Create Reports Indicator/Button is enabled (or Review and Distribute Indicator/Button in the case of a Memo)


[Step #2] Create Reports Indicator/ Button: green/enabled after completing Step #1; after clicking and a confirmation message, creates a .box file of each Student's report and places it in the Pending folder; completion enables the Review and Distribute Indicator/Button (this step is skipped in case of a Memo)


[Step #3] Review and Distribute Indicator/Button: green/enabled after completing Step #1 (or Step #2  in case of a Memo) when waiting for the User and white/disabled otherwise; clicking brings up [Step  #4],the Communications Job Distributor form , from which the Communication Job is actually sent, and places the Job in the Communications Wizard Index



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