Saved Templates

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Saved Templates manages Communications Wizard templates names.












Saved Template Selector

clicking the arrow opens a drop-down selector of all saved Templates; making a selection loads Communications Wizard with all control settings stored for that template

Edit Button

opens the Edit Template Name form, ready for editing; the Template name itself has no effect on the Report that is eventually created

Add Button

opens the Add Template Name form, which provides an option of saving the displayed configuration to the new Template

Delete Button

after confirmation, deletes the displayed Template name from the drop-down list




Template names can be edited for desired order ...

The Saved Template Selector presents all saved Templates in alphabetical order and is indexed to the first entry when the Section Dashboard is first opened.  Since Template names can be edited without affecting Reports themselves, it is suggested that names be assigned which are forced to appear in the order most suitable for your personal use.  An easy way to do this is to precede Template names with a numerical code, as shown in the screenshot above.



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