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Post initiates locking of Section data after it has been finalized for individual terms, semesters and the year as a whole. Unchecked items are still open and editable.    Checked items have already been posted, with editing no longer possible.  Posted items can always be Unposted (removing checkmarks), re-enabling data editing.

Posting and Unposting can only be accomplished if certain conditions have been met, as outlined here:

A Term can be posted only if it is currently being viewed.  The easiest way to view a Term is via the Previous/Next Term Buttons on the Status Bar.  Alternatively, the Term can be changed via View (the next topic) or Main Menu > Setup > Default Year/Term.  If a Term is viewed, its menu selection is enabled.

A Semester can be posted only if both of its Terms have already been posted.

Year can be posted only if both Semesters have already been posted.  Once posted, it can be unposted at any time.

A Semester can be unposted only if Year is unposted.

A Term can be unposted only if it is currently being viewed and its Semester is unposted.


Posting and Unposting procedures are covered in the next two topics.



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