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Posting is initiated by selecting an unchecked menu item, subject to conditions (see bullets).


For Term Posting, data is first examined for missing attendance marks (holes).  If any exist, a summary is displayed and an opportunity given to fill all holes with a P ("present"; also shown as / ):







Clicking Yes causes all holes to be marked as P.  Either choice displays a Term data summary showing missing grades (holes) and a posting confirmation request:




Clicking Yes completes posting.


Semester Posting and Year Posting are initiated by selecting those menu items.  No attendance check is performed, but a similar non-term tasks grades summary and posting confirmation request is displayed:






Posting with existing holes?

To keep things simple, Grades2Go™ allows you to post Terms, Semesters, and Year without correcting existing attendance or grades holes.  However, to protect your own accountability, it is strongly recommended that you avoid completing posting until all holes have been corrected.



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