Class Labels

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Class Labels rapidly creates a set of labels for either class use (eg blue-books, answer sheets) or for home address envelope mailings.












Select Job Type

drop-down selector of saved label configuration types


command edits displayed Job Name


command adds a new Job Type using the displayed options (can then be Edited)


command deletes Job Type after confirmation message


drop-down selector for number of copies of the label set to be produced

Excluded Students

students excluded from the label set

=> All Button

moves all Excluded Students to the Included side

=> Button

moves a single student from the Included side to the Excluded side

<= Button

moves a single student from the Excluded side to the Included side

<= All Button

moves all Included Students to the Excluded side

Included Students

students included in the label set

Label Stock

drop-down selector of supported label stock types

Font Size

desired font size of printed text

+X (in)

if 0 (default), centers text horizontally; other values set text starting point distance from left edge of label

+Y (in)

if 0 (default), centers text vertically; other values set text starting point distance from top edge of label

Class-Use Option

selects Class-Use as Label Type

Seq Checkbox

enables/disables printing of sequence number (classroom-use only)

Name Checkbox

enables/disables printing of student name

ID No Checkbox

enables/disables printing of student ID#

Title Checkbox

enables/disables printing of a label title

Title Textbox

title text when Title Checkbox is checked

Block Checkbox

enables/disables printing of Section Block

Section Textbox

enables/disables printing of Section ID

Envelope Address Option

selects Envelope Address as Label Type

Student Checkbox

enables/disables creation of a student address label

Parent/Guardian Checkbox

enables/disables creation of a parent/guardian address label

Save Button

changes configuration of selected Job Type to the displayed options after confirmation

Revert Button

returns the displayed options back to the selected Job Type configuration (in the event any options have been enabled/disabled)

Report Button ReportButton

displays entire Job in the Report Handler, allowing label set to be easily viewed with or without label outlines, printed, saved to a PDF, or emailed to others




Clicking on the Report Button displays the label set in the Report Handler:





Clicking the Show/Hide Label Outlines Button displays label outlines for the selected label stock in yellow (as shown above), to help in visualizing printed output. Clicking again removes the outlines.  If visible, they are included in any subsequent printout or saved/emailed PDF document.



Designing Labels


Designing new labels is a simple matter of experimenting with various options/checkboxes/font sizes and then clicking on the Report Button ReportButton to view the result.  To make corrections or adjustments, click Close on the viewer, make some changes, and click Report again.  When satisfied, print the labels with the Report Handler buttons.


To save a label configuration, click on Add on the Label Maker form and give the new configuration a name.  All settings will be saved to the new Job Type.



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