Status Header

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Status Header is located between the Section Dashboard Menu selections and Dashboard Tabs and displays information for the Section as a whole.







Section Dashboard Identifier

shows currently selected Section  including Block Code and Section Code


Exit/Close Button

closes Dashboard and returns to Main Menu


Grading Algorithm

shows Grading Algorithm in effect for current Section and Term; can  differ Term-by-Term; can be set permanently  for all sessions (default) or temporarily for the current session only (temp)

DashboardStatus_WO_White Weights Only (current default)

DashboardStatus_WC_White Weights within Categories ((current default))

DashboardStatus_PC_White Points within Categories ((current default))

DashboardStatus_WO_Red Weights Only (temp)

DashboardStatus_WC_Red Weights within Categories (temp)

DashboardStatus_PC_Red Points within Categories (temp)

clicking this area brings up the Temporary Grading Algorithm window; see Tip below!


Message Area

used for alert messages like the one shown




Choice of a Grading Algorithm — Not Urgent!

The design of  Grades2Go™ makes it unnecessary to commit to a Grading Algorithm at the beginning of a school year or Term.  The Grading Algorithm Indicator/Button can be used at any time to experiment with "what if" scenarios before making a final choice.  However, a choice should be made before sending out any Progress Reports to students and parents/guardians and maintained for the rest of the Term.



The Temporary Grading Algorithm window is covered in the next topic.




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