Temporary Grading Algorithm

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Temporary Grading Algorithm changes the Grading Algorithm used to calculate grades for the currently-viewed Term, for the current Grades2Go™ session only.  The Default algorithm is shown in black and the other two in red; the currently viewed algorithm is selected when the form loads.  To change the Default (ie make a permanent change), see the TERM Calculation Scheme tab.












WO Option

temporarily selects the WO Grading Algorithm

WC Option

temporarily selects the WC Grading Algorithm

PC Option

temporarily selects the PC Grading Algorithm

OK Button

reloads data for the viewed Section/Term, using the selected algorithm




Choice of a Grading Algorithm — Not Urgent!

The design of  Grades2Go™ makes it unnecessary to commit to a Grading Algorithm at the beginning of a school year or Term.  The Grading Algorithm Indicator/Button can be used at any time to experiment with "what if" scenarios before making a final choice.  However, a choice should be made before sending out any Progress Reports to students and parents/guardians and maintained for the rest of the Term.



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