Tab: Student Folders

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Student Folders collects available student data other than Grades and Attendance into a convenient Dashboard tab.  Each is accessible with a single or double click:


Student Information profile

Reports/Memos emailed via the Communications Wizard

Journal of teacher comments

Education Plan Journal entries (students on Individual Education Plans only)

A Miscellaneous Info text field for any desired data

Convenient access to student's email address and telephone number, with one-click

Add/Drop dates for easy reference and editing


In addition, a Class Directory Report for the currently viewed Term can be generated in this tab, with a single click of the mouse. The Directory is printable/emailable as a PDF.





(left-hand part of data grid)




(right-hand part of data grid)




Data Grid



Data Description


sequential Student number (no particular significance)


ID number of Student

Student Name

name of Student (last, first + middle)


grade level

ButtonFolder Info

single click opens editable Student Information Form

ButtonCommWiz Comm Wiz

single click opens Student Communications via Wizard

ButtonFolder Journal

single click opens Student Progress Journal

ButtonFolder EP Journal

column visible only if at least one Student is on an Education Plan; if column is visible and icon is present, single-click opens Education Plan Progress Journal

Misc Info

additional info for the student; double-clicking makes entire text visible (and editable) in a separate window

Student Email

student's email address as entered in Student Information; single clicking opens the Student Email Handler, ready to send an email to the Student

Student Tel

student's telephone number as entered in Student Information; double-clicking makes it editable in a separate window


the date the Student was added to the Section; double-clicking allows the date to be changed


the date the Student was dropped from the Section; double-clicking brings up a message with further instructions







ButtonOpen or ButtonPosted

YEAR status indicator showing whether Open (editing enabled) or Posted (further editing disabled); corresponds to checkmark on Post


Report Button displays the Class Directory in the Report Handler



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