Student Progress Journal

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Student Progress Journal is a chronological listing of all Journal entries for a selected student. It appears when the Journal icon is clicked on Student Folders. Entries can originate from a number of different sources, and all are editable:


added via this form

automatically generated whenever a Communications Wizard Report/Memo involving this Student is emailed

automatically generated when Make entry in Student Progress Journal is checked in the Student Email Handler (appears after clicking Student Email cell in Student Folders, or any email link is clicked in Student Info)








Data Grid



Data Description


Note: double-clicking any row opens Student Progress Journal Entry, allowing full viewing/editing of Journal entry text; equivalent to clicking View Button after selecting a row


the Term associated with the Journal entry; (none) indicates the entry was made on a day that school was not in session


the date associated with the Journal entry


the day of the week associated with the Journal entry


the time of day associated with the Journal entry

Journal Entry

the text of the Journal entry; automatically formatted if originating in Communications Wizard or Student Email Handler







Student Name

the currently viewed Student

View Button

opens Student Progress Journal Entry in View mode for selected Journal entry; equivalent to double-clicking a line

Add Button

opens Student Progress Journal Entry in Add mode for adding a Journal entry

Delete Button

after confirmation, removes the selected Journal entry from the list

Report Button ReportButton

creates printable report/PDF from info on this form; see Student Progress Journal Report



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