Attendance Holes Report

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Attendance Holes Report appears after clicking on the Holes Button of the TERM Attendance Tab.  It also provides an opportunity to mark all Holes with a P automatically — which can be a huge timesaver (see Tip below)!









To save tons of time, don't mark attendance if Present!

Because Grades2Go™ has an automatic P-entry feature, save lots of time by not entering P's on a daily basis.  Enter only if A, T, E, or Comment.  Then,  click the Holes Button occasionally and say Yes to its offer to mark all Holes as Present!




Cells with Holes are shaded!

The Holes calculation also results in shading cells with Holes on the TERM Attendance data grid with a light yellow background, making them easy to find and correct.  The Holes row is also helpful in identifying empty cells.



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