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TERM Tasks lists all Tasks associated with the currently viewed Section and Term.  A Task may be used only once in a school  year, and Task names must be unique (ie a Task name may appear only once).  Note that Tasks can be listed without yet being assigned (see NOT YET ASSG item below).  Tasks can also appear with a strikethrough, indicating that the Task has been excluded from all grade calculations for all students (see Exclude task/grades Checkbox).








Data Grid



Data Description


sequential Task number (no particular significance)


Task Code associated with the Task (from Archive record)


(WO, WC)

relative weighting value; in WC, weighting is within Category



maximum achievable points; weighting is within Category

Eff Wgt

the percentage portion of the entire Term grade attributable to the Task (depends on Algorithm and Weight/Points); column total always 100%; if BONUS appears here (PC only), earned points are added to a student's accumulated total but not to the achievable maximum

Task Name

name of the Task (from Archive record); [EC] indicates Extra Credit (optional extra Task, contributing to average like all other Tasks, unless BONUS appears in Eff Wgt column)


date Task was assigned (NOT YET ASSG if none); Task list sorted according to this column


date Task is due (NOT YET ASSG if none)


ButtonFolder indicates linked document for current Term use; double-clicking opens document (using the appropriate application


usually blank, but populated with numbers after any Holes calculation (Holes Button, Report Button, Term Post); indicates number of items not yet graded or handed-in; Hole cells on TERM Grades simultaneously shaded for easy identification







ButtonOpen or ButtonPosted

Term status indicator showing whether Open (editing enabled) or Posted (further editing disabled); corresponds to checkmarks on Post


Report Button performs a Holes calculation and then creates a printable/emailable Section Term Tasks Report from info on the Task List; simultaneously shades Hole cells on TERM Grades for easy identification and correction

View Button

opens Current Task Viewer for Task selected on the List; double-clicking on a Task line has equivalent action

Add Button

opens the Course Term Task Archive from which a Task can be added (or first created); option given to add Task to other Sections automatically; after Add is complete, the Task appears as a new column on TERM Grades

Replace Button

opens the Course Term Task Archive from which a Task can be selected to replace the Task selected on the Task List; all accumulated data from the original Task is transferred to the new Task; after Replace is complete, the new Task replaces the old one on TERM Grades

DEL Button

after confirmation, removes the selected Task from the Task List as well as from TERM Grades — but only if no grades exist for any student (can be accomplished by individually deleting each student's grade for the Task)

Holes Button

performs a Holes calculation for the viewed Term; generates a Grade Holes Report and supplies totals for #Holes column; simultaneously shades Hole cells on TERM Grades data grid for easy identification and correction



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