Current Task and Document Viewer

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Current Task and Document Viewer appears after clicking the View Button or double-clicking a Task line on TERM Tasks. The ARCHIVE INFO panel shows Archive information for the selected Task but is not editable here (see Course Task Archive for controls, functions, and editing).   The CURRENT USE INFO panel at the bottom shows Task settings for use in the current Section and Term.





(shown in Edit mode with PC Grading Algorithm)









same as Archive display, but without editing capability (see Archive Task and Document Viewer for description); Master Doc View Button is functional (Create is disabled)

Assg Date Selector

drop-down date selector for date Task was assigned

Due Date Selector

drop-down date selector for date Task is due

Not yet assigned


checking removes Assg and Due dates from Task (allowed only if no grades exist); Task remains on list with NOT YET ASSG in dates columns

Exclude task/grades


checking removes Task from grades calculation for all students; Task remains on List, but with a strikethrough

Extra Cred Checkbox

checking makes Task extra and optional; adds [EC] in front of Task Name on List; grade to be calculated into student average like any other Task (unless Bonus Checkbox is checked — see below)

Bonus Checkbox

available only with PC Algorithm and only if Extra Cred is checked;  selection places BONUS label in Eff Wgt column of List; earned points are added to a student's accumulated total, but maximum points for a Term is not affected


relative weight of Task in WO and WC (not visible in PC — but shown here for explanation purposes); value for current Term is set via TERM Calculation Scheme for Task Code type


number of items graded to date in current Section and Term


average of all Graded items for all students in the Section

Current Grade Type

default grade type during grade entry; ARCHIVE INFO default is suggested but can be changed for CURRENT USE; this default is suggested during actual grade entry, but any grade type can be assigned to any entered grade at any time (applies even to PC Algorithm — an automatic conversion is made)

Pct Option

suggests grade entry as a percent (0 - 100)

Pts Option

suggests grade entry as points (0 - Max Pts)

Max Pts

sets maximum points (if Pts Option or PC Algorithm)

Ltr Option

suggests grade entry as a letter type (Grading Bands)

P/F Option

suggests grade entry as Pass or Fail (100% or 0%, Max Pts or 0 Pts)

Current Doc Path

name and location of a linked document (Section Task Documents Folder)

Link Button

opens a folder/file selector dialog window to locate an existing document and automatically creates a copy for the Section Task Documents Folder; link finalized upon Save

X Button

removes the link to a document link (document itself not affected)

Create/View Button

Create: clicking offers to link to a copy of Master Doc (if it exists), or to create a new document (with MS Word); link finalized upon Save

View: clicking opens linked document in a separate window using its default application

Edit Button

puts CURRENT USE INFO into Edit mode; button not visible after selection

Save Button

saves data and closes window




Auto-Renaming of Linked Documents

Linking a document to a CURRENT USE Task results in a copy of the Task being placed in the Section Task Documents Folder. If a document by the same name already exists, a numerical version number is appended to the document name (eg First Test.doc => First Test(2).doc)



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