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YEAR Attendance shows Section attendance data for the entire school year and is compiled from individual  Terms, as entered via TERM Attendance.  It can't be edited here. Data is presented in a number of useful ways:


totals and % values are generated for each Term and Semester, and the Year as a whole

totals are for Section class days rather than school days

each Attendance mark is totalled: P (Present), T (Tardy), A (Absent without excuse), E (Excused absence)

missed class days are tracked via A+E % rate (unexcused plus excused absences)


In addition, various formatted Reports for the viewed term are available within a few clicks of the mouse. All Reports are printable/emailable as PDF's:


Section Year Attendance Summary





(left-hand part of data grid)




(right-hand part of data grid)




Data Grid



Data Description


sequential Student number (no particular significance)

Student Name

name of Student (last, first + middle)


grade level

S1T1 group

attendance columns for S1T1; header color indicates  Open  or  Posted   as well as total number of class days (Tot)


rate of absences (100% x (A+E)/Tot)


number of P marks (Present)


number of T marks (Tardy)


number of A marks (Absent without excuse)


number of E marks (Excused absence)

S1T2 group

attendance columns for S1T1; same columns as S1T1

Sem 1 group

attendance columns for Sem 1; same columns as S1T1; Sem 1 = S1T1 + S1T2

S2T1 group

attendance columns for S2T1; same columns as S1T1

S2T2 group

attendance columns for S2T2; same columns as S1T1

Sem 2 group

attendance columns for Sem 2; same columns as S1T1; Sem 2 = S2T1 + S2T2

Year group

attendance columns Year; same columns as S1T1; Year = S1 + S2







Report Button ReportButton

opens the Year Attendance Reports Selector



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