Year Grade Reports Selector

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Year Grade Reports Selector appears when Report Button ReportButton is clicked in YEAR Grades.  It makes possible extremely quick selection and creation of preformatted Year Grade reports, for all students at once or just for selected ones.  All Reports are printable/emailable as PDF's:


Section Year Grades Summary












Select Report

drop-down pick list of available Reports (see list above)

Excluded Students

students to be excluded from the Report

=> All Button

moves all Excluded Students to the Included side

=> Button

moves a single student from the Included side to the Excluded side

<= Button

moves a single student from the Excluded side to the Included side

<= All Button

moves all Included Students to the Excluded side

Included Students

students to be included in the Report

Display Options Panel

Report display options

All Included Students

bundles all Included Students into a single Report

Selected student

includes only a single highlighted Student in the Report; may be selected from Included Students or Excluded Students


if available, displays Report in Portrait orientation (8.5"W x 11"H)


displays Report in Landscape orientation (11"W x 8.5"H)

Report Button ReportButton

clicking displays the selected Report



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