Term/Sem/Year Grade and Comment Reporter

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Term/Sem/Year Grade and Comment Reporter serves a number of valuable functions:


allows Midterm grades to be recorded

provides the means by which automatically calculated grades can be overridden

enables the attachment of preformatted or free-form comments as part of the Midterm, Term, Semester, or Year grades


The form is opened whenever a cell in a Term, Semester, or Year column is double-clicked.  It is shown below in Edit mode, after clicking the S1T1 column:












ButtonOpen_Blank or ButtonPosted_Blank

status indicator showing whether Open (editing enabled) or Posted (editing disabled); corresponds to checkmarks on Post for selected Term/Sem/Year column; if Posted, form editing functions are disabled

Student Name

name of Student associated with the selected cell

Term/Sem/Year Identifier

identification of the selected Term/Sem/Year column

Comment Date Selector

date associated with saved comments; preloaded with today's date if no comment exists; clicking arrow drops down a calendar selector

Current Calculated Grade %

grade for the selected Term/Sem/Year column as taken from TERM Grades or calculated from School Grading Schema; if any component Term or Semester grades have been overridden, those override grades are used in this calculation; displayed value is not directly editable

Override Button

after confirmation, allows an override value to be entered in the box or allows an existing override value to be deleted

Override Grade %

value of the override grade

Midterm Button

(visible only if a Term column is selected);clicking brings up the Midterm Grade and Comment Reporter to view/edit the Midterm grade value and attached comments, if any

Midterm Grade %

(visible only if a Term column is selected);the recorded Midterm grade; displayed value is only editable via Midterm Button

Comments 1-5

text of attached preformatted comments, preceded by [xxx] identifier; editable only via Pick Buttons

Pick Buttons 1-5

clicking brings up the School Comment Index from which a preformatted comment can be picked

Del Buttons 1-5

visible only if a corresponding comment exists, after an initial confirmation message, allows the displayed comment to be removed

Free Text Box

freely-editable comment text

Save Button

saves data to the section database



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