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Upon startup, Grades2Go™ Desktop may display one or more alert windows before anything else appears on the screen. Here are the most common types:



New user with no Activation Code ...

(after a User is added, appears at each startup until an Activation Code is purchased)




User with an invalid Activation Code ...

(if an entered Activation Code is unsuitable for this product, appears at each startup until a valid Code is purchased)




Activation Code about to expire ...

(appears at each startup beginning 15 days before expiration)




Expired Activation Code ...

(appears at each startup as soon as expiration date has passed)




Need to perform User Setup ...

(appears at startup if User Setup is in progress or if missing User databases are detected)




Need to perform Year Setup ...

(appears at startup if Year Setup is in progress or if missing School databases are detected)





After clicking OK on any number of these alerts, the Main Menu window appears, followed immediately by the Mindspark Intro screen.  The Intro can be one of two styles:



Simple Intro — no school server

(school databases local to User's computer)




Download Intro — school server

(school databases hosted on school server)




Download Intro appears if the Server-Based Data box is checked in Setup > School > Profile. Otherwise, Simple Intro appears.  If school data is hosted on a server,   Download Intro immediately connects to the server, compares server files to existing ones on the desktop, and downloads updates if necessary.  Files can be designated for download in Setup > School > Profile, on an individual basis.


Both Intro screens show the installed Grades2Go™ Desktop product number and version.  Clicking on Check for Updates initiates an automatic check of Mindspark's server for a later version of Desktop, as well as the Mobile Companion and Sync applications (if applicable).  Below the licensee name, the Don't show at startup checkbox allows the intro display to be suppressed at startup if desired.  If file downloads are disabled at startup, they can be performed manually via Connect > Check/Download School Databases.  If these startup windows are suppressed, they can be easily re-enabled via File > User Preferences.


Clicking on QHelpTM opens the Help System Tutorial and Manual opens the User Manual.



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